8 Things I Learned In October

From the world of step mothering to the world of business - October 2017 was a life changer!

This month was pretty huge for me. There were a lot of firsts and many learning curves! I’d like to share a few of the things I have learned this month, some big and personal and others small “thought provoking nuggets.” I hope that my lessons from October benefit you in some way!

Being A Stepmother Is, Well, Hard

October 22 marked my first full month as a stepmother. And it isn’t an easy job! All my step mamas out there - I love you.
I know how hard you are trying and how fabulous you are and I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed, no matter how invisible you feel sometimes. This is also a very rewarding experience, though. Any opportunity to pour into and influence a young person is one worth having!

You Don’t Have To Be Superwoman

This goes along with the “Lessons In Stepmothering” that I am learning. I found that I was becoming so exhausted this past month, and I figured out that it was because I was trying to be Superwoman. I was trying to be “the best” wife and “the best” stepmom. And I was killing myself doing it.

My husband had to remind me that he asked to marry me before I was a wife and stepmom, meaning I should not be putting pressure on myself to be “the best” when he already asked to marry “the best.” Moral of the story: You’re always “the best” in your husband’s eyes, and most likely in your child’s eyes. So don’t kill yourself trying to be extra best!

You Can Cook With Essential Oils

But not always the ones from the grocery store health section. Many of these actually say “do not consume.” My most recent find was a bottle of peppermint oil from a local grocer that had the warning. So how is that even peppermint oil? You can cook with most doTERRA oils, and if you cannot, it tells you on the bottle. If you cannot consume a doTERRA oil, it is usually because it’s a blend meant for something like topical application for pain.

Your Husband (or Wife) Will Surprise You Sometimes

I found out my husband was a bit of an oiler in the past before he even met me, and now he’s a big time oiler! He’s learning alongside me and managing this website. We’re both having a lot of fun with this and I am very blessed in that.

I’ve met several oil ladies whose husbands remain skeptical about oils. I feel so excited that my husband shares this passion with me. To each their own, but these things work and I know that’s something worth sharing with your loved ones! I’ve found my husband and stepson going through my oils and reading books to find the best oil for them and it warms my heart to see their healing!

You’re Never Too Old To Need Your Momma

My lessons in stepmothering have led me to turn to the best mother that I know - my own mom! I’ve spent this past month turning to her for advice, encouragement, and respite brunches (because that’s a thing, right?). You’re never too old to need your mom, and you’re never too cool to go to her for anything and everything!

My sisters, myself, and my mom

Multilevel Marketing is NOT a Scam…

…If you’re willing to work smart, that is. Notice I said “smart” and not “hard.” It’s hard work, but it takes an active and engaged brain!
My upline peeps (the folks that are higher ranking than me, but still on my team) have been fabulous in coaching and mentoring me. I’ve realized that 80% of the reason people fail at MLM is because there is no one leading and mentoring them. The other 20% is because people are working harder, not smarter. They are killing themselves with expensive marketing plans, lavish parties, and pricy startup costs. Find a company that is smart with their money and with yours, and find an upline that will be supportive!

I got a check in the mail after my first WEEK with doTERRA. My first week, y’all! This is real, and this is possible, but you’ve got to be willing to work at it! (Fun fact: doTERRA is a debt free company and WANTS you to be the same!)

I’m always looking to coach newbies and have awesome folks on my team.

You Cannot Be Afraid To Share Your Healing With Others

This includes your story, your oils, and your opportunities.
I’m a bit introverted naturally, but my doTERRA sponsor is extraverted and so graceful in the way she shares the nitty gritty bits of her healing story, her oils, and her business opportunities. You can’t help but want to be her friend even if you’ve only known her for 10 seconds! I’m learning from her, and from many others above me.

When sharing your story, be sure you are speaking from scars and not wounds. Sometimes, the wound hasn’t healed yet and talking about it can open it up again. Before sharing your story, ask yourself what parts you are open to sharing right now. Don’t be afraid to continue healing, whether you are sharing your story throughout the healing or not!

These ladies have been my Mom Squad! They’re a group of mothers in my community and they’re teaching me how to be a wonderful stepmom. I shared oils with them this week and I am helping them heal, just as they have helped me grow

If You Want Things To Be Different, Make A Difference

YOU have the power to change your life. Need I say more?

What did you learn this October? Share with me! I’d love to hear :)