8 Things I Will Be Doing in 2018

Why would I decide to say "no" this year?!

Ah, a new year. A breath of fresh air! A new beginning!
Don’t you love it?

I don’t do resolutions.
They have never made sense to me. Why wait until January 1st to stop your nasty smoking habit or start going to the gym only to end up disappointed in yourself by February?

Don’t get me wrong, life changes are great! But why not change your life as soon as you decide to instead of waiting until the New Year?

SO, let me make one thing clear....
this is NOT a list of resolutions! This is a list of things I will be doing purposefully in 2018.

2018 will be a year of firsts for me!
First year married.
First year as a mother.
First year away from my baby sister.

I look at this as more of a reflection on the new year rather than some resolutions or something. So, let’s reflect!

Journaling My Year

For Christmas, my husband and my stepson both got me journals. I love journals! I usually end up filling them with poems and prose throughout the day, and I will always do that.

But I had a new thought… what if I journal my year?

It’ll give me something to look back on and when I’m gone, it’ll give my kids and grandkids something to get to know me by. I’m not putting pressure on myself to journal daily - just went thoughts arise. And it’s not so much about writing a play-by-play of my day. It’s more about taking time to put my daily reflections on paper.

Eating “Better”

I say “better” because my family already eats very good. We RARELY (like, maybe once every two or three months) go out to eat. We eat pretty wholesome for being on a budget. I stay away from feeding us canned things and processed foods are completely out of the question.

So what do I mean by “better?”

Well… the thing I’m really bad at is eating a “real” lunch. Sometimes, I’ll put some cheese and grapes in a baggie along with some crackers and call it lunch. I used to meal prep my own lunch and I really want to start that up again.

Keeping The Date Night Promise

My husband and I made a promise when we got married.

Every other Friday is date night no matter what. NO. MATTER. WHAT!

And we’ve kept that promise so far! Even when we’ve been sick, we stay home and have an on the couch movie night. It doesn’t always mean going out or breaking the bank. Sometimes we even just go somewhere that is free, like a park.

It’s just a matter of having that one-on-one time with no kids or other family members, no “double dates,” and no one else but us! I plan on keeping that promise throughout 2018 - our first year of marriage!

A recent date night selfie

Spending Time With My Sisters

Marriage has also brought me another thing - time away from the rest of my family.

It’s a good and bad thing.

Good because independence is always nice.
Bad because one of my sisters is only 14 and it’s tough to suddenly not be such an integral part of her daily life!! I don’t want to be the absent big sister, so I have decided to spend this year - my first year away from her - making an effort to be present for her.

My other sister is 22, so it’s a little easier to “hang out” with her and do grown-up stuff! Plus, it’s a tad bit easier that she is of driving age!

My sisters and I

Saying “No”

I have a problem. I say “yes” to everything. I overcommit.

And it makes me SO tired, y’all!

I am learning that it is ok to say “no” sometimes, and I’m finding out that people actually respect me for it! I’m spending more time this year watching out for my health, and saying “yes” to everything was proving to be very detrimental to my health.

So while I’ll always say “yes” to a very select few people (because they are my special people), I have welcomed the practice of saying “no.”

Working On The House

My husband and I started on this one last year. We gave his little house, which is now my little house, a bit of a facelift!!

While we have had a lot done on the interior, I’d like to have some stuff done on the exterior. In the Spring, I’d like to have some flowers planted! And maybe we could finally get to our bedroom with design stuff! Photos to come :)

Jesus Time

For a while, I was really good at reading a daily devotional every morning. Recently, with my new lifestyle of “momming” in the morning, it’s become difficult!! I’ve found that the afternoons, right when I get home, are the best time for this now. The child hasn’t come home yet, the husband is busy, and the Skyler could use some Jesus at the end of the day!
So, I have my favorite devotional, “Jesus Calling,” ready!


Other than daily devotional time, I’d love to take some time to read! I have always loved reading, and I actually prefer it as my method of learning. My mother-in-law has loaned me her copy of “Miracles From Heaven” to start with!

What are your 2018 plans? Let me know! I’d love to hear!