The Main Brat

Skyler Reid

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the young age of 19. I started searching for natural ways to manage my symptoms rather than adding to the large amount of medicine that I was already on. I wanted something with no side effects, would not interact with my current medications that I had to stay on, and that would not hurt me in the long run. That’s how I found essential oils!

After a friend introduced me to OnGuard, I found cold and flu season so much easier to manage. Before that discovery, colds and flu could’ve easily put me in the ER. It was like a switch flipped inside of me - what else could these oils do that I was unaware of? So I started learning, and I never stopped!

I decided it was time to share my knowledge and healing story with others, so I became a Wellness Advocate through doTERRA and it truly changed my life. The plethora of knowledge I can acquire just by being a part of this community is phenomenal, and helping others discover wellness is the most rewarding part. I know it is exactly where I am meant to be.

I now use oils for several purposes - cooking, cleaning, relaxing, daily wellness… the possibilities are endless! I want to share that with you, and I want to hear of anything you can share with me! Let’s be spOILed together!