Get Oils

How To Get Essential Oils

So, How Do I Get Oils?

The oiling world can be overwhelming - but it doesn’t have to be!
When you join me on this oiling journey, I’ll be with you the entire way.

Why doTERRA?

  • CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (this means they are the safest in the world!)
  • Sourced in developing countries (supporting local farmers) where the oils are naturally found.
  • 3rd party tested in many different ways!
  • They work!

Ready To Get spOILed?

I would love to personally help you discover what oils will best benefit your life, your health, and your personal wellness. You deserve a healthy life!

To set up a Wellness Consultation with me, click here

Ready To Just Get Those Oils?

My favorite kit that doTERRA has to offer is the Home Essentials Kit. This has literally everything you need to kick off your oily life, including a diffuser! Already have a diffuser or 2 or 3? Then I’d recommend starting with the Family Essentials Kit. It comes with all of the same oils, but it has OnGuard and Peppermint beadlets rather than a diffuser.

Enrolling as a Wholesale Customer is the best way to get affordable oils! I want you to be well - and I want your wallet to be well too!!!

The Home Essentials Kit costs only $275 (US) for Wholesale Customers, and $336.67 if you do not have a Wholesale Customer account. That’s a 25% savings!

Why Should I Become A Wholesale Customer?

  • Continue to buy your oils at a discount throughout the year.
  • Support and education from your Wellness Advocate (That’s me!)
  • It’s like a Costco membership - but with more rewards and perks!

The original cost is $35 for 12 months, but this is waived if you enroll with a kit. After 12 months, the renewal fee is $25, but you get a free peppermint oil valued at $27.33. So basically, you buy a peppermint oil, you get your renewal!

To get started, click here and make sure to use 5180251 (my Wellness Advocate ID) when you sign up as a customer, or fill out this form to set up a personal Wellness Consultation with me!

To Have & To Hold… & To Share

Looking to share your oils and possibly build a business along the way? That’s what I did! It has been the most rewarding and life-changing experience.

To find out more about this exciting experience, click “Work With Me” in the menu above. Let’s be spOILed together.